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Hommage, deux mouvements créés au Colloque Fou de bassons

Enregistrement de la création de deux mouvements d’Hommages lors du Colloque 2013 de Fou de basson, Angoulême, France, le 26-29 avril (performance le 29 avril)

Par une collection de bassonistes dédiés de 7 à 84 ans:

Lucie Barnet
Josselin Bastide
Chantal Beaune
Pierre-Alain Begou
Olivier Buisson
Jean Broyer
Pierre Cathelain
Dylan Corlay
Simon Demangeat
Louis Freboeuf
Eva Fremaux
Philippe Gaillard
Victor Gefflaut
William Goutfreind
Maximilien Guillemeteau
Catherine Jambon
Adrien Jammes
Haskyl Khati-Lefrançois
Asriel Koteye
Dorcas Koteye
Maria Laplenie
Pascal Lescure
Raphaël Levron
Harold Marion
Louis Moorhouse
Éloi Ossard
Joanna Pensec
Louise Piton
Simon Rampnoux
Yannick Richard
Henri Roman
Thierry Saunier
Hugo Sainte-Rose
Clément Verdier
Axelle Brouzeng Lacoustille
Victor Deray

Merci à tous!

La boîte en cannelle

PROJECT: book for young bassoonists

There is really little relatively easy contemporary music repertoire for bassoon, so, I have for project to write a series of short easy/intermediate pieces featuring the bassoon.

I wrote this one this week. If you have a try, I'd love to have your comments, suggestions and possibly a recording if you have any!

La boîte en canelle

Make this project possible

Bassoonists gathering around Hommage, for 32 bassoons

I organised a bassoons gathering to read-through 3 movements of my piece Hommage, for 32 bassoons around the audience.
This is how it sounded like, with 14 bassoonists.

June 2011
London, St-Clement's Church

Caroline Glicksman, bassoonist
Cory Barger, bassoonist
David Robson, bassoonist
Hannah Smith, bassoonist
Hugh Rosenbaum, bassoonist
Iona Garvie, bassoonist
István György Berta, bassoonist
John McDougall, bassoonist
Laura Kirker, bassoonist
Neil Strachan, bassoonist
Philip Davis, bassoonist
Robin Hall, bassoonist
Simon Moore, bassoonist
Tom Hardy, bassoonist and fantastic gatherer

Tom Whitehouse, conductor

Andrew Crowe, film camera and photography
James Bull, audio recording

David Allen, St-Clement's Church Vicar

Sonia Paço-Rocchia, composer

Endless thank you for everybody who was involved

BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe06.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe07.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe08.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe09.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe10.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe03.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe04.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe05.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe01.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe02.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe11.jpg


for bass flute and live electronics
April 2010

This is a piece that will eventually be part of a Multimedia Instrumental Opera, for 18 instruments and live electronics, video, dance and live art.

In that Instrumental Opera, the bass flute will represent the memories.

This piece contains a lot of choices that the player has to take, some semi improvised and some controlled improvisation.

I composed this piece on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, during a composition retreat of Rarescale.

Susan Geaney kindly premièred it, in Skye, something like 30 hours after I finished the composition. You can't have more fresh.

As we can see, a Nitendo Wii Remote is strapped on the foot joint of the bass flute and it is the tilt, the angle of the flute that is provoking the Max/MSP patch. For the opera something more discreet will be used.


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