premiered 20th March 2009, 35 minutes

Choreographer’s note:
Sticky Pathways is an unfolding labyrinth of rambling dimensions and slanted reflections where people exist on the cusp of dream and reality.

Music note:
In Lucy’s Sticky Pathway the music has been involved in the creative process at all times . From the beginning we did dance and music improvisation where the dance and music influence each other. For this work it was very important to have a strong link between the dance and the music and to integrate completely the music and the musician in the work itself as well as incorporating sounds made by the dancers in the music. To be able to make this mutual influence dynamic we used live music either solo or with live electronics (bassoon, treble recorder solo and voice with live electronics) or accelerometers to follow closely the movements of the dancers. (Accelerometers from Nintendo Wii Remotes that control the sound in an application programmed by Sonia Paço-Rocchia using Max/MSP)

Choreography - Lucy Ridley
Music - Sonia Paço-Rocchia
Costumes - Chantal Francis
Performer - Simeon John
Dancers - Carly Blackburn, Matt Bradley, Maxine Calleja, Magnus ElektrEmaka Einang, Aislinn Grech, Amy Lazarou

Photos/Filmed - Irene Segura