Site specific improvisations, I’ll be with bassoon, sound of voice, other little things and live electronics (wiis, pedals...)

The Shunt is a extraordinary venue. I performed there quite a few time during the last two years, and have been great experiences. The Shunt is place to know. If you never came, it is the last chance. If you already came, you might want to come to see it for the last time before they fill the venue with concrete.

13th and 14th of November
from 6pm (come before 9 if you want to get in)
At the Shunt
facebook event
access to the Shunt:
you need an ID to get in the Shunt

Sound Through is a collective of musicians and sonic artists committed to exploring ideas surrounding aural architecture, sound manipulation, improvisation and performance.

In an ongoing series of site-specific works the Sound Through collective work closely with a range of spaces around London in order to create new and exciting improvised soundscapes using custom designed software and various sound objects and sound making devices and acoustic instruments.

  • Tristan Shorr
  • Bruno Humberto
  • Tom Mudd
  • Nahum Mantra
  • James Alaska
  • Sonia Paço-Rocchia
  • Tom Whitehouse
  • Hutch Demouilpied