I’ll be in a jam with Sound Through with bassoon, voice, found objects and live electronics.

1st and 2nd of May
from 8 o’clock

Bacon Street Project
14 Bacon Street (just off Brick Lane by the Bagel Shops, Shoreditch)
London E1 6LF

Using field recordings and sonic material gathered from the local area of Bacon Street and Brick Lane, this event will explore aspects of anthropology, aural architecture, sound manipulation, improvisation and performance.
Occupying the Bacon Street Project space for 2 nights, this collective of sound artists and musicians will explore the theme of ‘transmission’ through its relationship to sound, and the listening processes involved in documenting the local sonic environment. Each night, ‘Sound Through’ will create improvised soundscapes using custom designed software, various sound objects, sound making devices and acoustic instruments. The first in this series of site-specific projects took place at the Shunt Vaults under London Bridge Station in a 4 night residency during the 14th – 17th January 2009.

Featuring: James Alaska, Bruno Humberto, Borja Sagasti Inurrieta, Nahum Mantra, Tom Mudd, Lucy Railton, Sonia Paço-Rocchia, Tristan Shorr, vlk, plus guests