14 August 2011 / PHONO:GRAPHIC
An evening in collaboration with Soundfjord
6 - 9 pm 

Some of my scores, including Massing’s and Prélude de Bouilloires’s will be exhibit during that event

Artists include film works by David Chapman, Claudia Molitor, and Gary James Joynes (Clinker). Tim Yates and friends from the Royal College of Music performed an object-based score; Ella Finer, a score for voice and sax; Patrick Farmer and co, a score by Ichiyanagi as well as a video score, Alterations, by Jan Hendrickse; and finally, Jan also performed some repertoire - Cardew’s Treatise (excerpt) and Brown’s 1952. The paper-based works occupied a corner to the west of the atrium. Works included pieces by myself, John Kannenberg, Stephen Vitiello, Jason Kahn, Jo Thomas, Stuart Russell, Sarah Harvey, Seth Kim-Cohen, Ailís Ní Ríain, David Toop and others...