I will play in Sound Through the 30th only, as usual, bassoon, things, sounds of voice and live electronics.

Long Did I Build You…

A festival of performance
Utrophia Project Space, 136 Tanners Hill, Deptford.
Friday 29th & Sat 30th May
3pm – 11pm

Tiffany Charrington presents
I shall see your houses
A performance installation that explores the universal enigma: “what makes your house your home.”
3pm – 7pm
By appointment, book via tiffanycharrington AT yahoo.co.uk

Step off the Stage presents
First Person Plural
An interactive audio performance exploring the subconscious construction of narrative in everyday life.
3pm – 9pm (Friday 29th only)
By appointment, book via casimkins AT googlemail.com

Sound Through
A platform of composers, musicians and performers, focused in the relationship between architecture and sound, working from field recordings to live performance. It is a site-specific art collective that will change according with the environment, community and settings where the exploration takes place.
7pm & 10pm

Inspired by Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape

Studio 3 presents
Remembered Lines
Fusing dance and physical theatre to explore the abstracted world of the every day, the lives of six individuals connect through their need for structure. Routines are pulled apart and analyzed through the eyes of others. Are we creatures of innocent habit? Or is there a point where routine becomes destructive?

Beyond Direction presents
Beyond The Lamplight
Inspired by Maeterlinck’s Interior
Only a door separates us from the outside. Even after the door has been shut; even after it has been bolted, the outside exists and is beyond our control. The future is suspended in the distance, gradually making its approach.

For more details www.utrophia.net
Supported by The Drama Department at Goldsmiths College.