slinky playing It's pitch dark, but one light shins on the metallic slinky. We can see its shape hanging from huge tube. I caress it. It dances for me. It does its metallic sounds. I am fascinated by slinkies, they move so well. I love the sound. At first you think it is a very simple sound, but more you listen to it, more you realise its complexity and all its different colours.

Many thanks to Francis Beaulieu, instrument maker, who one day went up my stairs with a huge tube.

This piece was premièred in Montréal, 1st of february 2004, and has been played a few times, since. Video is from a performance at Salle Claude-Champagne, in Montréal, 19th of March of the same year.

Other works are related to it, like this installation.

This is a research I did on the slinky (in French)