A blue cylinder. Touch it, it will sing. Move it, it will sing another note. Put the orange rectangular prism on it. This way, the note it sings is consonant with the note of the cylinder. Take the red triangular prism. Put it sideways. You have now a dissonant chord. And now, the green pyramid, and the purple cone. Build yourself a still life of geometric shapes, build your harmony.

Build your harmony is a interactive sound installation for all ages. Youngers will enjoy playing with big blocks making sounds, and and olders will appreciate the infinite different harmonies they can create by interacting with the shapes, at the same time affecting the rhythm. When nobody will interact with the installation, the last harmony will become soft and will develop rhythmically on its own, and will develope its own un-phase rythm. If the shape is not moving its sound will fade out slowly to a very low volume. When somebody moves it the volume will quickly fade in. If this person moves the shape more vigorously the volume will increase, and when this person leaves the shape stationary the sound will fade out slowly.