If you know a bit what I do with the bassoon, you probably realised that I have, what some people call, an "electric" bassoon. I think this term is used because I can actually plug the bassoon with a 1/4 jack as an electric guitar would do. But, in fact, that is the only common part with the electric guitar. I actually have a normal bassoon with a modified bocal.

I have a pick-up on my bocal. Well, actually, it is often call a pick-up, but it has nothing to do with a electro magnetic pick-up from an electric guitar nor a piezo-electric microphone that we sometime call pick-ups. Well, actually, has it takes air vibration, it should be call a microphone, or maybe an inner-microphone, a transducer. I have a Telex. 

The modified bocal got a hole in it, before the first octave-key hole, first hole of the instrument. So, the microphone "hear" from the inside of the instrument. You can understand that with this idea, you get a lot less outside noise, but, you do get some. And, you can understand that as we never hear an instrument from inside, the sound is not the sound we are used to hear, but, it is good enough if you want to torture it with effects.

Here, is a piece for bassoon in which I used that bocal with an inner microphone. But, for the recording of the instrument, I had a standard microphone too.