I don’t like Carols. In fact, it is not their fault. I hate the over-consuming atmosphere of Christmas. Everywhere you pass you have a huge Christmas tree, a huge present, a huge Christmas sold sign, a huge Santa Claus, and too many people in the shops, because they follow this over-consuming idea, and to attract them, shops put louder then the nearest other shop; Carols. It is very hard for me to dissociate Carols from this atmosphere, it is why, sometime, when I hear Carols, I feel sick.

I decided to play with popular Carols. I had a lot more fun with Carols like that! Maybe it is a sort of remedy?

(score) Here parts for any ensemble.The idea is to have the beginning and the boxes I, II, III and finale in the same key for all the ensemble, but, to play the Carols Box in a lot of different keys. Many thanks at Tom Whitehouse for the translation clumsy English to good English
(audio) Recordingduring the [CoMA Christmas Crackers|/site/?christmas-crackers-at-coma]