I’ll be performing in that event. All The Great Learning of Cornelius Cardew

Performance: 11th July 2009, Leytonstone Festival

The Great Learning is a piece of music written by Cornelius Cardew in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It features performers who have little or no musical training, in an attempt to free the music from the preconceptions and habits of conventionally trained players. The Great Learning draws on text from the Confucian book of the same name, which is recited and sung at regular intervals throughout the piece. When performed in its entirety the piece is very long (6 1/2 hours in total), broken down into 7 separate sections or Paragraphs.


This video is a very small taste of a complete performance of Cornelius Cardew’s 6 1/2 hour composition, The Great Learning. The performance took place on July 11th 2009 as part of the Leytonstone Festival. For more information, and complete audio recordings of the performance, see the website: http://www.insearchofsilence.co.uk/greatlearning.