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Réflexion - Work in progress

automated mirrors, projection, sound

Build - videos

three boxes

Between the Door and the Staircase

November 2008
for piccolo, live electronics and stage actions

This is a somewhat theatrical piccolo piece in which the player will have a lot of choices to take. The piece will be greatly different depending who is playing and probably at each performance of the same player.


This is some extracts of my work in max/MSP for that piece. You will there hear my great sound on the piccolo... I blew in a piccolo for the first time compose do this piece...

Whistle-Tones and Clicks
one of the Time

Something for Coma

November 2007
for flexible ensemble: piccolo (or a recorder), at least 3 flutes, at least 4 other winds, piano, other instruments (facultative), at least 4 strings

Something for Coma is a short simple piece. I wrote it for a special event of Coma London; a workshop gived by Dave Smith.

(score) score
(audio) read-through by Coma London on 20th of November 2007
-> Coma London used to have up to 7 flutes, it is why I wrote something with a lot of flutes. Sadly the day of the recording, just one flutist was there(and just 2 woodwinds). I’m quite disappointed by that because I based this piece on a chord of flute in the low register, and a chord of one note is a bit thin.

(link) COMA’s website

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