I will improvise with my bassoon in London Improviser Orchestra during the improvisation festival Freedom of the City. I think it will be a very good one: I heard rumours about great improvisers names who might come and, it will be great! Freedom of the City is curated by Trevor Brent, John Coxon, Evan Parker and Eddie Prévost.

Sunday 2 May 2010 : 2pm
Conway Hall
Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL (map)
Single concert: £12 (£10adv) (to book or see pass tickets it is here)

  • Peter Evans "a solo cavalcade of furious blowing, madcap bebopping and careful breathing"
  • Okkyung Lee/Paul Lytton "super fluid and organic yet driven with inner pulses"
  • Tania Chen/Lol Coxhill/Dominic Lash "still think surprise sounds"
  • London Improvisers Orchestra "intensity, excitement, and invention"''

Have a look to Freedom of the City programme
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