Lames @ Interstices - Sentier sonore 04v01 - work in progress

Lames01 Lames02 Need to wire 8 of those.

Finding silent motors

Some welding
Lames04 Lames06

Pulley are hard work with big tools, but we wont see them. That said, I started to really like them.

Finally not raining, test day

My setup. Box now nearly waterproofed, my Max/MSP patch half done, my silent MIDI to stepper motor interface finished and nicely running, amps running nicely, new sound interface is fine, everything is screwed in place, just need the right power supply for the amps instead of my maker space one.

Sandwiched piezo, 8 of them build wired

First pulley test with the full sized saw. Running better than expected.

Cut more musical saws today. Gloves for scale.
Lames11 Lames12

Setup day 2 first saw
Lames13photobyMichelSmith Lames14

Setup day 3 second and third saw
Lames15 Lames16 Lames17photobyDaimon Lames18

Setup day 4, technical stuff and rust
Lames19photobyDaimon Lames20 Lames21photobyDaimon Lames22

Setup day 5, technical test and composition
Lames24 Setup day 6, composition and taking the cables up

When things went wrong: rain and electronics do not go together
Lames26 When things went wrong: exploded cap

Solution: Better home made interface to avoid exploding caps with diodes and relays and yes, it is a tea box
Lames28 Lames29