: Improvisation

Lames @ NAISA and Double-Tranchant @ NAISA

Lames is an interactive installation for an ensemble of automated musical saws
Double-Tranchant is a performance for instruments and automated instruments that can cut with live electronics

NAISA North Media Arts Centre, South River, Ontario
August and September 2019
Drop-in live performance - Culture days, September 2019

Lames @ Electric Eclectics

Interactive sound and kinetic installation
Meaford, Ontario - August 2019


Performance-installation solo pour scies musicales automatisées de 3 mètres, ensemble d’automates fait de lames de scies ronde, mobile-automate de lames, lames libres, égoïnes, égoïnes à tiges et autres instruments et automates sonores fait à partir d’objects coupants avec leurs traitements en temps réel en quadriphonie.
Double-Tranchant is a comment on the contrast between the rough and dangerous and the meditative and enchanting.

Scies @ Recto-Verso


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