I have been invited to this conference, as a performer. I couldn’t make it. We agreed to have a video instead of a performance and a talk with webcam. Here the videos.

Live voice improvisation is the source of real-time electronic effects which are controlled by switches, orientation and gesture-recognition of the hands and arms using the bluetooth Nintendo Wii Nunchucks and Remotes. This is done in Max/MSP using aka.wiiremote object and mnm library. An assemblage of one or two pairs of Remote/Nunchuck used with a wireless headset, provides a powerful means of integrating free bodily movements with improvised voice. The tool being versatile, it has been used in a lot of different contexts, sometimes solo or as a part of a duo or other ensemble.

(video) Improvisation for voice and live electronics (29M)
(video) Absurdity for orange box, purple balloon and purple anti-stress ball (32M)
(video) Another improvisation for voice and electronics, made in December 2008 (40M)