Sticky Sticky Pathways was for one week at The Shunt, in London (7 performances)
As it is a space specific work it is quite different from the premiere last March.

Sticky Sticky Pathways
Contemporary dance/movement & music improvisation/live art/sound art performance and installation.

Choreographer’s note:
Sticky Pathways is an unfolding labyrinth of rambling dimensions and slanted reflections where people exist on the cusp of dream and reality.

Choreography - Lucy Ridley
Music Performer - Sonia Paço-Rocchia (bassoon, treble recorder, voice, live electronics)
Costumes - Chantal Francis
Dancers/Performers - Carly Blackburn, Lauren Bridle, Maxine Calleja, Chantal Francis, Aislinn Grech, Emelia Lazarou, Lucy Ridley

(photos, Andrew Crowe and Isaak Mavridis, filmed by Sandra Kolar)

Sticky Pathways was as well an installation that was including a 8 channels music track, a lot of solo tape and a frame with some headphones. Here three extracts of the 45 minutes long music track.

(audio) solo tape
(audio) recorder
(audio) bassoon