: Installation ( Sound Installation + Multimédia + Video + Photo + Drawing and Painting + Words )

Donc, un petit coup d'oeil?

Voyez ici, des choses à voir...


This is a screen capture of 26th of January, end of residency cyberperformance.

Live from StudioXX, Montréal

The cyberperformance was live coded using HTML, JavaScript including the Web Audio API. Anyone on musinou.net/cyberperformance would have seen one of resulting piece, as between bandwidth, and some algorithms, the piece is different for each Internet user.

There is only 3 sound samples in this cyberperformance. They are all process on the client machine.

Live coding performance, JavaScript (Web audio) tools, animations and music by Sonia Paço-Rocchia

Masse d'accordéon

Art web sonore

En résidence à StudioXX, j’expérimente sur les possibilités de l’audio sur le Web

Après le décès de Pauline Oliveros, la semaine passée, j’ai eu envie de travailler avec des sons d’accordéons.

Masse d’accordéons

Scies à Tone Deaf

MIDI controlled nearly silent stepper motor

This is the red box I worked on during my October residency at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE. It is made with a Teensy and Silent Step Stick.

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