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max/msp lessons, advice, programming

I am an musician/artist programer who uses max/msp in my work, that could be in live performances and in interactive installations.

Programming for your project

I can design, and program patches or applications for your project, that could be music or visual installation, including interactive installation or performance or another project in which max/msp is needed.

One to one max/msp lessons

You may want help to program yourself for a particular project or you want to learn max/msp from scratch or you want to develop some particular max/msp skills. Maybe a one to one lesson would be good for you? I live in London and we can arrange one face to face, or via Skype.

Group lessons/ working group

I am in the process of organising a group lesson. If you are interested in a weekly or bi-weekly group lesson, or in a one week intensive crash course, please contact me to let me know your interest.

Example of my work, using max msp

In my own work, I don't use technologies in a flashy way, I use it like a possible tool only. It is often invisible or really discrete. This is only an esthetic choice. Try to have a quick look to a few of them because they are very different.

London web designer website

I make websites! Have a look here to find more about it and see my portfolio!

web design musinou


Voici qui résume bien:

Cliquez ici pour lire la version originale sur ’’A Cup of Tim’’
Grand merci àTim pour son joyeux coup de crayon feutre!

Websites where "friends" is a strange concept.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/musinou
Virb: www.virb.com/musinou
Facebook: my profile

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