Last Friday, I spent most of the afternoon refreshing Free Talha Ahsan Facebook page. Talha Ahsan is a British-born poet with Asperger syndrome who got arrested under the anti-terror law. He got arrested for some sort of involvement in a website. This website happened to have a server in USA. He never been there. (See the documentary about it here, see some news item about it here) After 6 years in British’s prison, without trial, Britain finally extradited him to USA.

This Wednesday, I was in Sheffield, for an improvisation gig. In my head, I was still refreshing that Facebook page: I expect more from contemporary UK. So, I decided to share this extradition with the audience, and to play it.

Click here to hear: Extradite Me, I’m British

Extradite Me I am British

Part of Arts Against Extraditions’s Post card project.
Arts Against Extraditions is a group of artists who promote and document artistic acts that call for an end to the unfair UK-US extradition treaty that was amended in 2003 in the panic, spin and diplomatic pandering surrounding the war on terror.