When the Saws are Alone in the Woods (original title is Lames seules dans les bois) is an automatised musical saw quartet currently set up in a sugar maple forest in the Laurentians region that one can visit via a webpage. An interactive and poetic journey in which each choice and turn can influence the composition and the visual. A journey to make and remake, never the same, a work which evolves again and again, with the weather and with the fall colours.

Four musical saws found solitude in a forest from The Laurentiens region. Do you think that saws who is by itself in the forest sing if noone is listing to them? Can a virtual key hole can allow you to check that and to make a journey with those saws?
One can visit the work Tuesdays to Sundays between 11:00 and 17:00 Eastern Time, until mid-November or before the first layer of snow. Note that bad weather can sometime prevent the installation to run.

From November I changed the schedule, it is now more varied to give more flexibility to visitors.

One needs to take an appointment to visit the installation, either on my Facebook Page or by contacting me via email.

You can take an appointment here

A presentation from Centre d'exposition de Val-David


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