Titanik Galleria, Itäinen Rantakatu 8, 20700 Turku, Finland
Sunday, 24 November
1pm at Titanik A.i.R. studio
3pm at Titanik A.i.R. studio
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An intimate end-of-residency performance. The studio can host a maximum of 10 people, so do come early!

Double-Tranchant, meaning double-edged in French, is a solo show-installation for invented, found and automated instruments made with objects that can cut, with real-time processing in a quadriphonic setting.

Double-Tranchant is a piece for musical saws, stemsaws*, automated circular saw blades*, automated mobile of knives*, automated electric musical saws* and other found sharp instruments with a live electronics setup, that is a subtle gradient between playing an electronic instrument and playing with an algorithmic "musician" using a concept of indirect control by layers of flexible automations.

Double-Tranchant is a commentary on the contrast between the brute, the sharp, the flexible and the fascinating.

This piece is a long term project that has recently received support from the Canada Council for the Arts. During the residency at Titanik Paço-Rocchia is working on the form of the show and the composition. She has focused on looking for new sonic material and on working on the code for the live electronics setup.

*instruments invented by the artist