: Interactivity

[Play;] démo

performance de narration numérique

Sandrine Deumier
poésie, art vidéo

Sonia Paço-Rocchia
musique, lutherie numérique

[Play;] from musinou on Vimeo.


automated mirrors, projection, sound

When Everything Is On the Edge of Breaking

Improvisation for the complete myriad of sound-makers, invented instruments, automata, video installation etc… I worked on during my residency at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE

Last day in residency

Well, it was the last day, so, at some point, I decided to push my prototypes a bit further, see where they could break. Well, they did not. So I made this improvisation, and probably because of the stress I just put them under, half my prototypes broke during this improvisation! 

In the background


19 mirrors, 19 servo motors, 1 LED projector, SSC-32, Teensy, surface speaker/transducer

In the foreground

Saws played with solenoids played via MIDI, with a QuNeo, using an interface I designed during the residency.

Flexamaton on the left - flexed sheet metal with a slinky 

Flexamaton on the right - flexed sheet metal with a infinite bow (like a motorised hurdy-gurdy)

Step motors for the two Flexamata controlled via MIDI, with a Korg Nano, using a interface I designed during the residency.

Metal harp that I designed for Play; (that is actually more like a thumb piano)

A heatsink


A Flex-Helixophone (on the right) flex sheep metal with a slinky 

Live electronics, using a old patch of mine that I control with a SoftStep and a QuNexus

Résidence et performance de Play; à l'Agence Topo

En août j’aurais une résidence pour la création de la musique et performance de Play; une oeuvre poésie et vidéo de Sandrine Deumier. Instruments inventées et interface designée spécialement pour cette oeuvre: Harpe de métal électrique, Aulos électriques, Long Tube électrique, Boîte de Pandore électroacoustique, interface Le Bras (conductance, MIDI sans fils) à l’Agence Topo

À la fin de cette résidence, nous aurons une performance du travail accompli jusqu’à maintenant. 
Mercredi 26 août, 19h30 
Agence Topo 
5445, avenue de Gaspé, local 608 Montréal (Québec) Canada H2T 3B2 

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