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Hélix - Résidence Pépinières européennes

Recorder and live electronics improvisation

This is a little improvisation to try out my first modified recorder.

La boîte en cannelle

PROJECT: book for young bassoonists

Easy contemporary music repertoire for bassoon is not really bit, so, I have for project to write a series of short easy/intermediate pieces featuring the bassoon.

I wrote this one this week. If you have a try, I'd love to have your comments, suggestions and possibly a recording if you have any!

La boîte en canelle

Make this project possible


for bass flute and live electronics
April 2010

This is a piece that will eventually be part of a Multimedia Instrumental Opera, for 18 instruments and live electronics, video, dance and live art.

In that Instrumental Opera, the bass flute will represent the memories.

This piece contains a lot of choices that the player has to take, some semi improvised and some controlled improvisation.

I composed this piece on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, during a composition retreat of Rarescale.

Susan Geaney kindly premièred it, in Skye, something like 30 hours after I finished the composition. You can't have more fresh.

As we can see, a Nitendo Wii Remote is strapped on the foot joint of the bass flute and it is the tilt, the angle of the flute that is provoking the Max/MSP patch. For the opera something more discreet will be used.


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