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La boîte en cannelle

PROJECT: book for young bassoonists

Easy contemporary music repertoire for bassoon is not really bit, so, I have for project to write a series of short easy/intermediate pieces featuring the bassoon.

I wrote this one this week. If you have a try, I'd love to have your comments, suggestions and possibly a recording if you have any!

La boîte en canelle

Make this project possible

Don't Forget

Bassoon and live electronics semi-improvised piece

This is a recording (by myself) and the score of Don't Forget

Between the Door and the Staircase

November 2008
for piccolo, live electronics and stage actions

This is a somewhat theatrical piccolo piece in which the player will have a lot of choices to take. The piece will be greatly different depending who is playing and probably at each performance of the same player.


This is some extracts of my work in max/MSP for that piece. You will there hear my great sound on the piccolo... I blew in a piccolo for the first time compose do this piece...

Whistle-Tones and Clicks
one of the Time


November 2008
for Viola and live electronics

Massing is a semi-improvised piece in which the viola player must follow one of many possible paths through some textures.

The effects generated from the viola sounds include 16 loops with durations between 5 and 20 second which create massings of moving sounds.

This is the score of Massing.

This is a recording of the pre-première 17th April 2010, that was done on a 5 strings electric violin by Christine Caulfield in Second-Life.

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