: Recording

Recorder and live electronics improvisation

This is a little improvisation to try out my first modified recorder.


accordion and live electronics solo


Mirrors Beams

Installation with performance
Mirrors Beam is a mirror and light installation by Francis Bowman for which I live-performed and created the music.

Mirrors Beam
by Francis Bowman
with sound and performance by Sonia Paço-Rocchia

The Shunt Lounge, London, April 2010

The Shunt Lounge is a performance venue situated in the victorian brick tunnels, which form the foundation of London Bridge Station. It is about to be closed to make way for the foundations of London’s latest tallest building ‘The Shard’ currently under construction. Street level above is already a building site.

The work is exhibited on the 2nd, 3rd and 9th, 10th April. This is during Holy Week, and just after the spring equinox.

It is a work about the beauty of light on the body, and in dark places.
Live performance and voice following the rhythm of the light.

Thumbnail photo by Ludovic des Cognets

Bassoonists gathering around Hommage, for 32 bassoons

I organised a bassoons gathering to read-through 3 movements of my piece Hommage, for 32 bassoons around the audience.
This is how it sounded like, with 14 bassoonists.

June 2011
London, St-Clement's Church

Caroline Glicksman, bassoonist
Cory Barger, bassoonist
David Robson, bassoonist
Hannah Smith, bassoonist
Hugh Rosenbaum, bassoonist
Iona Garvie, bassoonist
István György Berta, bassoonist
John McDougall, bassoonist
Laura Kirker, bassoonist
Neil Strachan, bassoonist
Philip Davis, bassoonist
Robin Hall, bassoonist
Simon Moore, bassoonist
Tom Hardy, bassoonist and fantastic gatherer

Tom Whitehouse, conductor

Andrew Crowe, film camera and photography
James Bull, audio recording

David Allen, St-Clement's Church Vicar

Sonia Paço-Rocchia, composer

Endless thank you for everybody who was involved

BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe06.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe07.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe08.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe09.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe10.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe03.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe04.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe05.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe01.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe02.jpg BassoonistsByAndrewCrowe11.jpg

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