: Graphically scored


for bass flute and live electronics
April 2010

This is a piece that will eventually be part of a Multimedia Instrumental Opera, for 18 instruments and live electronics, video, dance and live art.

In that Instrumental Opera, the bass flute will represent the memories.

This piece contains a lot of choices that the player has to take, some semi improvised and some controlled improvisation.

I composed this piece on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, during a composition retreat of Rarescale.

Susan Geaney kindly premièred it, in Skye, something like 30 hours after I finished the composition. You can't have more fresh.

As we can see, a Nitendo Wii Remote is strapped on the foot joint of the bass flute and it is the tilt, the angle of the flute that is provoking the Max/MSP patch. For the opera something more discreet will be used.


Don't Forget

Bassoon and live electronics semi-improvised piece

This is a recording (by myself) and the score of Don't Forget

Between the Door and the Staircase

November 2008
for piccolo, live electronics and stage actions

This is a somewhat theatrical piccolo piece in which the player will have a lot of choices to take. The piece will be greatly different depending who is playing and probably at each performance of the same player.


This is some extracts of my work in max/MSP for that piece. You will there hear my great sound on the piccolo... I blew in a piccolo for the first time compose do this piece...

Whistle-Tones and Clicks
one of the Time

Pedalling Under London's Clouds

January 2008
bicycle solo

Since Adam lent me his wife's bike (Thank you!), I do often my journeys with this bike. Over my head, I can see the clouds doing competitions:

  • first arrived there!
  • first that rain!
  • first that evaporate!

I rode to the Luminaire for Open Source event (Music Orbit), with this bike. They put me on the front of the stage. Everybody decided to sit on the floor. I was sitting down very close to them, pedalling under London's Clouds.

Open Source 3, on Music Orbit website
Pedalling Under London's Clouds in Belgrade!

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